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Night of Champions 2010 Results

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Welcome to WWE Characters the Blog, 2010 Night of Champions PPV results page. Here you’ll find updated results from Sunday, September 19th Pay-Per-View “Night of Champions” featuring all of the titles in the WWE on the line! Results will start to be posted just after 8PM EST and updated through 11PM EST when the PPV officially goes off the air.

This year’s card will of course feature every possible title being contested and two titles (Womens/Divas) being unified. There’s plenty of compelling matches including the Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Title and No Holds Barred for the World Heavyweight Title! Both
Smackdown and Raw will be well represented on the card.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler Intercontinental Champion

A stipulation is attached to this match that if Dolph Ziggler is either disqualified or counted out, he will automatically lose the title to Kofi Kingston.

In the final moments of this match, Dolph Ziggler eluded Kofi Kingston’s “Trouble in Paradise” and then was able to hit his finisher the “Zig Zag” for the win. Dolph Ziggler retains the Intercontinental Championship in a well fought match!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston to retain the Intercontinental title.

Big Show vs. CM Punk

The Chicago crowd seemed to rally behind the hometown hero CM Punk despite him berating them for their anti-straight edge ways prior to the match. In the match, Punk tried his best to use strike attacks to kick Show down, but in the end it was Big Show using his trademark KO punch to put Punk down.

Winner: Big Show wins by pinfall over CM Punk.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz United States Championship

In a match of former student versus teacher, Miz’s former NXT rookie Daniel Bryan challenged for the US title. Despite having his newer NXT rookie Alex Riley at ringside, The Miz was unable to capture the victory. Instead, it was Daniel Bryan locking in his Labelle Lock submission hold forcing Miz to tap out! Daniel Bryan is the new US Champion!

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via submission hold over The Miz to become new United States Champion.

Melina vs Michelle McCool Divas and Women’s Championship Unification Lumberjill Match

In the closing moments, chaos erupted as Melina and Michelle were both on the outside. Melina managed to get back into the ring as the Lumberjills focused their attack on McCool on the outside. Meanwhile, Layla snuck into the ring and attacked Melina. Melina was able to overcome the attack and toss Layla outside the ring. Michelle McCool was able to get back into the ring and take advantage of a distracted Melina, surprising her with the attack and pinfall for the win. McCool is now the unified womens champion.

Winner: Michelle McCool wins via pinfall over Melina to become Unified Womens Champion.

The Undertaker vs. Kane World Heavyweight Championship
(No Holds Barred Match)

The Brothers of Destruction unleashed all of Hell upon each other in this No Holds Barred contest. The match was out of the ring, in the ring and all over the place. In the end, the Undertaker tried to use his trademark Tombstone Piledriver to finish off his little brother. However, Kane was ready with the reverse and hit his own Tombstone to win it! Kane retains the World Title!

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over The Undertaker to retain the World Heavyweight Title.

Tag Team Turmoil Match

This match for the tag team championship was a Gauntley Style matchup involving a total of five tag teams. First up for the Hart Dynasty was The Usos.

In the first of the matches, The Usos got the surprise pinfall win over the current tag team champions, eliminating the Hart Dynasty from the running! Next up they dispatched of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov by pinfall. The third team involved was Mark Henry and the high-flying Evan Bourne from Raw, who were able to grab a pinfall victory over The Usos. That brought in the final tag team of the match, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre from Smackdown. In the end after a hard fought battle, Cody Rhodes was able to secure the victory after hitting Cross Rhodes for the pinfall. Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes are the new tag team champions!

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre win via pinfall over Mark Henry & Evan Bourne to become new tag team champions.

WWE Championship Six Pack Elimination Challenge

Defending the title in this match is current champion Sheamus, with his opponents: John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett.

Early in the match, the wrestler who says he’s the best in the world at what he does was hit by a quick RKO by Orton. That made Jericho the very first elimination in the six pack challenge. The remaining five fought it out for some time afterwords, until Edge was able to gain momentum, hitting the Spear on both Orton and Sheamus. However, John Cena was quick to deliver an Attitude Adjustment on Edge for the second elimination of the night.

Soon afterwords, Wade Barrett’s Nexus faction arrived to the ring, providing a distraction which caused John Cena to fall prey to Barrett’s finisher. After the Wasteland Slam, John Cena was the third elimination. That left Barrett, Sheamus and Orton competing over the WWE Championship.

About two minutes after Cena’s elimination, Barrett went for his Wasteland Slam on Randy Orton. Orton was able to slide out of the move and hit a backbreaker on Barrett. He waited for Barrett to get up and then hit him with the RKO for the fourth elimination.

It’s down to Randy Orton vs Sheamus for the WWE Championship. Sheamus had been on the outside but came back into the ring to connect with his Brogue Kick to level Orton. He pinned The Viper, who managed to kick out just before three. Sheamus was irate and went for his High Cross finisher. However, Orton slipped out of that and caught him with the quick RKO. 1-2-3 Orton is your new WWE Champion!

Post-match, Orton celebrated his moment, as the new WWE Champion. The Pay-Per-View ended with Orton still celebrating, with no sign of The Miz coming to cash in his MITB briefcase.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Sheamus to become the new WWE Champion.

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Smackdown Results 09/17/10

September 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Smackdown results from Detroit, MI:

The Hart Dynasty vs. Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes
Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes win via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

Rosa Mendes & Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCool & Layla
Michelle McCool & Layla win via pinfall over Rosa Mendes & Kelly Kelly.

Christian vs. CM Punk
CM Punk wins via pinfall over Christian.

The World Heavyweight Champion Kane arrived to the ring. His agenda, to answer Undertaker’s “No Holds Barred” stipulation he suggested for their Night of Champions matchup on Sunday. The Big Red Monster said Sunday will be the final chapter in the epic rivalry between he and Undertaker. He said this time the story won’t end as it has before- with Taker returning and summoning the power of the darkside to vanquish his opponent. Kane said this time he will be the author of the Undertaker’s demise.

Kane said the powers that were once Undertaker’s now belong to him. Kane said on Sunday the plot he hatched thirteen years ago will have finalized, as Undertaker becomes a distant memory. He screamed that this time things end on his terms. Kane brought up Taker’s No Holds Barred stipulation, saying it’s exactly what he wanted. Kane said his brother’s pride has played right into his hands, because there will be no rules Sunday.
Kane said at NOC, the Devil’s Favorite Demon will make sure Undertaker “Rests In – .” Kane was cut off by Undertaker’s bells, and then his theme music and entrance pyro. Kane looked up the ramp awaiting Taker’s arrival. Taker walked out from backstage and down to the ring. However as Taker got down the ramp near the ring, the lights went out completely. As they came back on, Kane was standing on the ramp behind Undertaker. He used the World Title to shove into Taker’s gut, then started the attack.

Kane dominated his brother as he beat him up near the crowd barrier and smashed him against the steel steps. Kane kept going with the beatdown, punching Taker in the face as he struggled, then throwing him face first to the ringpost before throwing more punches. Taker punched back but Kane rammed him into the barrier. As Taker got up, Kane whipped him towards the timekeeper’s area, then smashed him face first onto the commentators table.

Back in the ring, Kane used Taker’s own moves, including Snake Eyes, a huge boot to take him down, and then setting up for the Chokeslam. As Taker finally got up, Kane grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him to the mat then did Taker’s own cutthroat signal. Taker struggled to get up again as Kane laughed about it. Kane grabbed Undertaker and hit the Tombstone Piledriver then laughed some more about it before he kneeled down Taker style. Kane’s pyro exploded from the ringposts as his music played on to finish out Smackdown.

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WWE Summerslam 2010 Results

August 14, 2010 7 comments

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston.

Winner – No contest, Dolph Ziggler retains the Intercontinental title.

Divas Champion Alicia Fox vs Melina.

Winner: Melina wins via pinfall over Alicia Fox to become new Divas Champion.

Three on One Handicap Match
CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury (The Straight Edge Society) vs Big Show.

Winner: Big Show wins via pinfall over Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match.

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs Rey Mysterio.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE Champion Sheamus vs Randy Orton.

Winner: Randy Orton wins due to disqualification of Sheamus after Sheamus shoved the referee down. Sheamus is still WWE Champion.

The Nexus (Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Darren Young, Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver) vs Team John Cena (John Cena, John Morrison, R-Truth, Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho and last participant will be announced soon) in 7-on-7 Elimination Tag

The Nexus arrived out first for the main event. After they were in the ring, it was time for Team WWE intros. Cena was out first and stood ringside as the next members of the team were intro’d. Edge, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, John Morrison and Bret Hart each got separate intros. Next, The Miz’s music hit and he arrived out as the star of the show. Cena interrupted though. He let Miz know that he was too late in making a decision, because it was done the day of Summerslam. He said they already found someone else who hates Nexus as much as the rest of them. Cena introduced the 7th member of the team…Daniel Bryan! Bryan walked past the Miz and then joined Team WWE for the match.

Daniel Bryan made an immediate impact as he came in and locked a Crossface submission hold on Darren Young to make him tap out in under a minute. Young eliminated, 7-on-6 advantage for Team WWE. Team WWE was on a roll minutes later, as John Morrison completed Starship Pain on Michael Tarver to make it 7-5 Team WWE. However, the next two eliminations belonged to The Nexus as Skip Sheffield used his big clothesline to take down John Morrison for a pinfall and then R-Truth (5-5). Next up, Bret Hart was eventually in to do some damage. Hart looked amazing in the ring with a series of intense strikes on Heath Slater. Someone from Nexus slid a steel chair into the ring which Hart picked up and smashed onto Slater. Hart was DQ’d for the incident, making it 5-4 for The Nexus. Jericho hit a Codebreaker on Skip Sheffield and then Edge came in for The Spear to get the pinfall, making it 4-4.

After Chris put the Walls of Jericho on David Otunga and eliminated him (4-3 WWE), then Heath Slater rushed in to attack. After the surprise, Slater scored the pinfall on Jericho (3-3). Edge started arguing with Cena about Jericho being eliminated, so Heath Slater grabbed Edge from behind for another pinfall, leaving just John Cena and Daniel Bryan for Team WWE (3-2 Nexus).

John Cena got knocked off the apron, but Justin Gabriel went out to throw him back in. The Nexus began to beat on Cena in their corner with a 3-on-1 attack. Cena managed to regain control of Justin Gabriel and had him up for the Attitude Adjustment. Gabriel escaped it and hit a DDT on Cena. Cena continued to withstand a lot of beating from Nexus as Daniel Bryan looked for the hot tag. Cena finally made the tag and in came Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan was on fire and was able to use the crossface submission once again to eliminate Heath Slater this time, evening the sides at 2 apiece. However, after Slater dove out of the ring at Justin Gabriel, The Miz was there to smash Bryan in the face with the MITB briefcase. From there, Wade Barrett scored a pinfall to bring it down to 2-on-1 Barrett & Gabriel versus John Cena.

Gabriel had the advantage on Cena, however he missed on a 450 Splash attempt. Cena made a quick cover to eliminate Gabriel, bringing it down to John Cena versus Wade Barrett 1-on-1. Wade Barrett rushed into the ring, but was quickly taken down by John Cena. After a tap out from Barrett, John Cena won the match for Team WWE!

(1) Darren Young via Danielson at 0:42.
(2) Michael Tarver via Morrison at 3:34.
(3) John Morrison via Sheffield at 7:31.
(4) R-Truth via Sheffield at 7:58.
(5) Bret Hart DQ’ed at 12:05.
(6) Skip Sheffield via Edge at 13:12.
(7) David Otunga via Jericho at 19:15.
(8) Chris Jericho via Slater at 20:05.
(9) Edge via Slater at 20:40.
(10) Slater via Danielson at 29:00.
(11) Danielson via Barrett (w/Miz assist) at 29:32.
(12) Gabriel via Cena at 34:52.
(13) Barrett via Cena at 35:18.

Winner: Team WWE wins after John Cena makes the final elimination of Wade Barrett via submission.

Keep watching to get latest updates on upcoming PPV “Summerslam”. The show will take place on August 15, 2010 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Watch Summerslam Live Results at Wrestling Valley on August 15, 2010.

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