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Hell in a Cell 2010 PPV Results

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison
US Championship Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere

In the closing moments, John Morrison did a huge stunt, leaping from off the stage set onto Miz and Bryan below. All three guys were down for a bit and finally started to get up. Morrison managed to apply a Texas Cloverleaf onto The Miz. Miz was about to tap when his assistant Alex Riley rushed in to break things up. Daniel Bryan knocked Riley into a nearby cameraman, then was able to get Miz down into the Labelle Lock picking up the win. Announcer Michael Cole actually admitted “Bryan is the real deal” but added he still thinks he’s a nerd.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via submission over The Miz to retain the US Championship.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
WWE Title Hell in a Cell match

In the late stages of this one, The Celtic Warrior took the Viper out for a Powerbomb attempt on the steel steps. However, Orton countered the move to slam Sheamus onto the steps instead. From there, Orton hit the huge RKO to finish off Sheamus, on the steel steps! After the pinfall, Orton celebrated by climbing the cell with his WWE Championship belt!

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Sheamus to retain the WWE Championship.

Josh Matthews interview the six rookie divas from NXT Season 3 backstage. He talked of how the first elimination is Tuesday. They were interrupted as The Nexus arrived in to talk about how as of tomorrow night there will be six members of Nexus, when John Cena joins. They showed a wristband which they said will be given to John Cena very soon.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio to the crowd, who drove out in a Rolls Royce. He came to the ring talking of how tonight is his big Pay-Per-View debut. Del Rio bragged about being able to beat anyone in the WWE right now. That brought out the Rated-R Superstar Edge. He called Del Rio stupid, including the scarf he was wearing. Jack Swagger arrived out next saying it was stupid a Mexican and American are fighting in the ring and Swagger, the all-American American isn’t fighting. Swagger and Del Rio ended up attacking Edge in the ring, and Del Rio slipped outside of the ring.

Suddenly the lights flashed and email sound dinged. The new laptop was in place and Michael Cole read the latest email from the anonymous GM. It said Edge owes the GM an apology on tomorrow night’s Raw, but first he’ll face Swagger in a match for tonight’s PPV!

Edge vs. Jack Swagger

The match was fierce and ferocious with Swagger eventually getting a bit of a bloodied lip out of the deal. In the closing moments, Edge hit his trademark Spear for the win. However, Edge’s ankle/leg appeared to take an injury thanks to Swagger.

Winner: Edge wins by pinfall over Jack Swagger.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett
Join Nexus or Nexus Disbands?

Prior to the match, it had been revealed that if any Nexus member involved in the match, then Barrett would lose automatically. So Barrett was surprised when his Nexus crew arrived to the ring during the match. He told them to go backstage several times, but they chose to stay instead.

During the match, as Nexus surrounded the ring they were suddenly surprised as Big Show, Mark Henry, Goldust and other susperstars from backstage arrived out to drive them off with an attack. Cena smiled as he saw the WWE superstars were behind his cause.

In the late stages of the match, a surprise came. Cena had the STF but then a random fan came to interfere. While the ref was trying to restore order, another mysterious individual rushed in to attack Cena. With Cena knocked down, Barrett took the pinfall victory, defeating John Cena!

Winner: Wade Barrett wins via pinfall over John Cena.

Natalya vs Michelle McCool
Divas Championship

Natalya looked poised for the win as she was able to re-apply the Sharpshooter to McCool. McCool struggled to avoid tapping. Suddenly, Layla was up on the apron and tossed a shoe at Natalya. The ref immediately called for the bell, disqualifying McCool due to Layla’s interference. Natalya chased LayCool out of the ring. Michelle is still Divas champ.

Winner: Natalya wins due to disqualification against Michelle McCool when Layla interfered.

Kane vs. The Undertaker

In the late part of this Hell in a Cell match, there were three refs involved at one point after one had become knocked down. Several officials and extra refs came from backstage to help the one ref from inside the cell out. Meanwhile, Paul Bearer was inside the cell area and got locked in. Kane saw him and walked over towards Bearer saying he souldn’t have come back. Bearer tried to cowwer away as Kane was menacing him.

Just then, Undertaker sat up. He grabbed Kane and hit the Chokeslam. Taker looked at Bearer who held up the urn. Taker prepared for his Tombstone as he did the slit throat sign. Just then, loud thunder noises came into the arena as the lights flickered. Bearer opened up the urn and a light shined out into the Undertaker’s eyes. While Taker was blinded, Bearer gave Kane the urn.

From there, Kane clocked Taker in the face with the urn, then hit a chokeslam for the victory. Kane is still the world Champion. Michael Cole questioned why Bearer would help Undertaker when he was on the brink of destruction only to destroy him yet again?

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over The Undertaker to retain the World Championship.

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