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Monday Night Raw Results 09/20/10

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Raw Results from Indianapolis, IN

Santino Marello & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre
Winners: Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes win via pinfall over Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov.

John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho
John Morrison wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho.

Daniel Bryan vs. Edge
Daniel Bryan wins due to disqualification of Edge per the Raw GM’s decision reversal.

Melina vs. Layla
Layla wins via pinfall over Melina.

R-Truth & Eve vs. Ted Dibiase & Maryse
Eve & R-Truth win via pinfall over Maryse & Ted Dibiase.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett
Cena was introduced first. Next Wade Barrett arrived out flanked by the other Nexus members who waited up on stage. Barrett walked over and asked for a mic, then stood on the commentators table to make a speech. Barrett told Cena there’s been a slight change of plans. He said he heard Cena say he wants to pick apart Nexus one-by-one. Barrett said Cena can have a Gauntlet match tonight against the other four Nexus members. He said if Cena can defeat the four other guys then he gets him. Barrett said or Cena can get a beatdown from them all in the ring instead. The fans started a “one-by-one” chant so Cena tore off his shirt and tossed it to the crowd.

Gauntlet Match #1 – Heath Slater was up first. He had momentum at one point and did a flying bodypress off the corner, but Cena rolled through the pin, then stood up with Slater in his arms. He put him into the Attitude Adjustment and hit it for the pinfall win.

Gauntlet Match #2 – Next up was David Otunga. Raw took a break as he was heading to the ring. WHen Raw returned Cena was down with Otunga taunting him. Otunga went for a move but Cena grabbed him for a surprise small package pin.

Gauntlet Match #3 – Michael Tarver arrived third. Tarver immediately took control and gave Cena a beating in the corner. Cena came back though to knock Tarver down and locked the STF on him. Tarver quickly tapped out.

Gauntlet Match #4 – Final Nexus member for Cena was Justin Gabriel. Gabriel did some impressive moves to escape Cena’s early attack, and kept Cena down. Barrett watched from atop the commentators table as Gabriel flipped over the top rope to land on Cena. Cena kicked out of a nearfall. Gabriel hit a wide variety of moves including a moonsault from off the side top rope for a near fall. Cena survived that and barely kicked out of the pin. As Cena started to get up he managed to hit a suplex on Gabriel. Both guys struggled on the mat.

Cena regained momentum moments later and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle after looking right out at Wade Barrett. Cena was just about to hit the Attitude Adjustment, but the other guys rushed into the ring to attack. The bell rang for the DQ. Barrett grabbed a chair and got in the ring. However, Cena fought off the Nexus guys and knocked down Barrett. Cena grabbed the chair and started swinging, but all the Nexus guys scrambled and made their escape. They backed up the ramp. Cena and Barrett both had mics, so Cena told Barrett it should be them fighting at it right now. Barrett said its an interesting offer but he has nothing to gain from laying him to waste again.

Barrett finally said he will face Cena in 2 weeks at Hell in a Cell, with one condition; if Cena loses he becomes part of The Nexus. Cena looked around as the fans booed. Cena told Barrett he won’t back down from a fight with him, it’s on. Barrett started to talk and Cena interrupted saying they have to make this big. Cena said if he wins then Nexus is done. He insulted each of the Nexus guys, then said if Barrett really wants this, he needs to put something on the line too. Barrett thought about it then told Cena he was on. Raw closed out with Cena all smiles as his theme song played on and Barret and Nexus up on stage glaring.

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