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Smackdown Results 09/17/10

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Smackdown results from Detroit, MI:

The Hart Dynasty vs. Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes
Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes win via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

Rosa Mendes & Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCool & Layla
Michelle McCool & Layla win via pinfall over Rosa Mendes & Kelly Kelly.

Christian vs. CM Punk
CM Punk wins via pinfall over Christian.

The World Heavyweight Champion Kane arrived to the ring. His agenda, to answer Undertaker’s “No Holds Barred” stipulation he suggested for their Night of Champions matchup on Sunday. The Big Red Monster said Sunday will be the final chapter in the epic rivalry between he and Undertaker. He said this time the story won’t end as it has before- with Taker returning and summoning the power of the darkside to vanquish his opponent. Kane said this time he will be the author of the Undertaker’s demise.

Kane said the powers that were once Undertaker’s now belong to him. Kane said on Sunday the plot he hatched thirteen years ago will have finalized, as Undertaker becomes a distant memory. He screamed that this time things end on his terms. Kane brought up Taker’s No Holds Barred stipulation, saying it’s exactly what he wanted. Kane said his brother’s pride has played right into his hands, because there will be no rules Sunday.
Kane said at NOC, the Devil’s Favorite Demon will make sure Undertaker “Rests In – .” Kane was cut off by Undertaker’s bells, and then his theme music and entrance pyro. Kane looked up the ramp awaiting Taker’s arrival. Taker walked out from backstage and down to the ring. However as Taker got down the ramp near the ring, the lights went out completely. As they came back on, Kane was standing on the ramp behind Undertaker. He used the World Title to shove into Taker’s gut, then started the attack.

Kane dominated his brother as he beat him up near the crowd barrier and smashed him against the steel steps. Kane kept going with the beatdown, punching Taker in the face as he struggled, then throwing him face first to the ringpost before throwing more punches. Taker punched back but Kane rammed him into the barrier. As Taker got up, Kane whipped him towards the timekeeper’s area, then smashed him face first onto the commentators table.

Back in the ring, Kane used Taker’s own moves, including Snake Eyes, a huge boot to take him down, and then setting up for the Chokeslam. As Taker finally got up, Kane grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him to the mat then did Taker’s own cutthroat signal. Taker struggled to get up again as Kane laughed about it. Kane grabbed Undertaker and hit the Tombstone Piledriver then laughed some more about it before he kneeled down Taker style. Kane’s pyro exploded from the ringposts as his music played on to finish out Smackdown.

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