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Raw Results 08/16/10

Raw Results from Los Angeles

Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett
The other Nexus members watched the match on a TV back in the locker room. Late in the match, Jericho managed to turn Barrett over for Walls of Jericho. Barrett was close enough to reach out and grab the bottom rope. Wade delivered a huge boot to take Jericho down for a near fall. Moments later, Jericho used a spinning kick to knock Barrett down near the ropes. Jericho waited for him to get up and charged at him, jumping up for a Codebreaker. Barrett caught him though and slammed Jericho down from his shoulders for the pin. The other Nexus guys backstage nodded at each other over their leader’s opening win.

Winner: Wade Barrett wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho.

Ring announcer introduced Jason Sedakis, Charlie Day and Justin Long, the stars of “Going the Distance” which opens September 3rd. They all got in the ring and started yelling about Raw, then brought up the NBA Champions. Sedakis brought up how the Heat will be next year’s champions. Justin Long said the Lakers are a dynasty just like the tag champs they’re about to introduce, The Hart Dynasty. The Harts got in the ring and hugged/shook hands with the 3 celebs who then took off up the ramp. Another email came through for Cole to read. The GM said from now on the Unified Tag Team titles will be known as the WWE Tag Team Championships. To present the new titles, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “the Hitman” Hart.

Daniel Bryan vs. Michael Tarver
Cole talked of how Bryan’s a 10-year veteran in wrestling’s minor leagues. The crowd got behind him with a “Daniel Bryan” chant as Cole said he didn’t get it. Bryan used multiple kicks on Tarver in the corner to wear him down. Bryan went on a tear as he hit a huge dropkick off the corner to take Tarver down, then flipped up to his feet Shawn Michaels style. Just then, The Miz and his NXT rookie Alex Riley came charging down the ramp. Daniel Bryan turned to face them and they stopped before getting in the ring. Tarver used the distraction to grab Bryan from behind and get a rollup pin for the surprise victory on Bryan.

The Miz and Riley talked up what they had done on the outside, but Bryan came from the other side of the ring running and hit a suicide dive on The Miz. Bryan got up to start beating on The Miz, but soon Riley and Tarver restrained him. The Miz charged full force and tackled Bryan into the crowd barrier, then pounded away on Bryan. Riley put the MITB briefcase nearby, and then Miz hit the SkullCrushing Finale on the MITB case. Michael Cole said “hey little man welcome to the big time.” Nexus is now 2-for-2 on their wins against Team WWE guys.

Winner: Michael Tarver wins via pinfall over Daniel Bryan.

Cole and Lawler reviewed what just went down involving The Miz and Daniel Bryan. The Miz and Alex Riley were backstage bragging still, when Josh Matthews caught up with him. Matthews asked Miz to explains his actions. Miz said from the day he started mentoring Daniel Bryan, fans heckled him saying Bryan was better than him. Miz said last night Team WWE put him on the backbunrer in favor of Daniel Bryan. Miz said “How special is Daniel Bryan now?” The Miz said the next breakout star will be Alex Riley. Riley cut a promo saying he’s the next breakout star and he owes it all to his pro, The Miz.

Nexus members were having a conversation in the locker room when Darren Young piped up. He said he decided he wants to be the guy to face John Cena tonight. Young said Cena beat him up weeks ago, and tonight he wants to return the favor. The other Nexus guys said they respect his willingness to step up. Justin Gabriel arrived to the ring for the next match.

Bret Hart vs. Justin Gabriel
With Gabriel already in the ring, another email from the GM came through which Cole read. This one said that Bret Hart won’t be competing against Gabriel tonight. The GM said “I don’t like Bret Hart and never want to see him compete on Raw again.” Instead, the anonymous GM chose a substitute opponent, Randy Orton. The Viper arrived out with a smirk on his face as Gabriel shook his head.

Gabriel had some early attacks but at one point, Orton grabbed his leg and held it to coldly stare into Gabriel’s eyes. From there, it was a series of Orton attacks including a powerslam and then the DDT from the middle ropes. Orton got down and began to pound the mat, ready for a RKO if Gabriel got up. Just then, Sheamus came down the ramp. Orton went out after him, cloteshlining Sheamus over the crowd barrier. Orton continued beating on Sheamus in the audience until he was eventually counted out.

Orton had made his way back to the crowd barrier, knocking Sheamus over it. As Gabriel was announced winner, Orton rushed into the ring and got behind him. He spun Gabriel around and hit the RKO. Several refs got in the ring and Orton exited. He went over and grabbed a steel chair. From there he repeatedly bashed the chair on Sheamus. Refs finally got Orton away from Sheamus. Suddenly, Orton broke away and ran back around the ring where Sheamus was on his feet. He hit the RKO to drive Sheamus face-first to the outer floor.

Winner: Justin Gabriel wins due to countout of Randy Orton.

Cole and Lawler reviewed the highlights of the end of the Orton-Gabriel match as well as the aftermath with Sheamus.

John Morrison & R-Truth vs. David Otunga & Skip Sheffield
Late in the match, Truth made the hot tag to his partner Morrison. J-Mo came in and took down Otunga then punched Sheffield on the apron. Morrison was in control and whipped Otunga to the ropes then dropkicked him down. However, Sheffield made the tag on Otunga’s back near the ropes. He came in and clobbered Morrison then knocked Truth off the apron. Sheffield backed up to the corner and waited for JMo to stand, then hit his running clothesline on him to win it. The Nexus guys were in the locker room watching with approval. Cole said that Heath Slater isn’t there because he’s got a huge matchup with Edge coming up.

Winners: David Otunga & Skip Sheffield win via pinfall over John Morrison & R-Truth.

They showed Eve walking backstage with Gail Kim and the new Divas champion Melina.

WWE Slam of the Week showed still images from last night where Melina won the Divas Championship. Team LayCool arrived out to share in the special moment, attacking Melina. They beat up and layed out Melina ringside then layed down to gloat near here.

Eve, Gail Kim & Melina vs. Jillian, Maryse & Alicia Fox
During the match, they showed John Lovitz, comedian and former Raw guest host, sitting in the crowd. Melina was getting beat up by Alicia Fox but eventually broke away and tagged in Eve. Jillian came in, with Eve getting the upperhand and a near fall. Alicia came in to break it up, with Melina rushing in to break up the pinfall. The action broke down with all the divas getting involved. Gail Kim came in to take out Maryse while Melina fought Alicia to the outside. Eve had control in the ring of Jillian and prepared for her moonsault off the corner. However, Jillian came over and grabbed Eve then slammed her down for a pinfall win.

Winners: Jillian, Alicia Fox & Maryse win via pinfall over Melina, Eve & Gail Kim.

Josh Matthews interviewed Edge backstage about last night’s Team WWE victory. Edge said it was great that the team he lead got the victory. Just then, Heath Slater walked up to Edge. Edge told Matthews to leave. Slater said they’ve got a match tonight. He told Edge he’s patterned himself after Edge. Slater suggested maybe Edge shouldn’t show up tonight. Edge said he doesn’t want the record books showing he forfeited to some Wendy looking ginger-haired Edge wannabe. Edge started to walk off, but Slater bashed him down from behind.

When Raw returned Jerry Lawler pointed out that actor Joe Manganiello from HBO’s “True Blood” was seated behind him in the Raw crowd.

Heath Slater vs. Edge
Edge avoided Slater’s attack in the corner then came back to take him down multiple times, including his trademark back slam to the mat. Slater countered an Edge move from against the ropes by letting Edge hit the mat face first. Moments later, Edge spear tackled Slater in the corner. Slater went to the outside, and Edge went for a baseball slide dropkick. Slater moved aside but Edge still got him with a big boot kick. With Slater recovering, Edge prepared for a Spear on the outside. Edge went for it but Slater moved away and quickly got into the ring to beat the countout. Edge was the second Team WWE guy counted out.

Post match, he rushed back into the ring and Speared Slater down anyways as his prize for the victory.

Winner: Heath Slater wins due to countout of Edge.

Backstage, Justin Long was talking with Great Khali and his translator Ranjin Singh. Khali told Singh to ask Long for advice about his girlfriend and the long distance relationship back in India. Singh handed Long a picture of Khali’s girl and it made Long wince. Just then Long’s 2 co-stars came walking in and grabbed the picture. Sedakis screamed at it saying “who the hell is that?” Long told them it was Khali’s girlfriend. Singh started to translate but they told him they were just having some fun. Singh said ok and left. Khali grabbed the pic back and Sedakis and Day took off. Long crumpled up the pic and tossed it. Just then, The Bella Twins came in and told Khali he was looking extra strong tonight. Khali walked off with the Bellas. Long shrugged and said “must have been an arranged relationship.”

Cole and Lawer introduced Summerslam Recall which showed the various TV spots and events leading up to Sunday’s Summerslam including The Miz on “The George Lopez late Night Show”. Also shown were highlights from WWE’s Summerslam Axxess.

John Cena was shown walking backstage on his way out to the ring. He stopped to say what’s up to several backstage people.

After break, they showed highlights from last month’s Raw where Cena took out his frustrations on Nexus member Darren Young. Young was now in the ring waiting for his main event match against Cena.

John Cena vs. Darren Young
Once Cena got into the ring, all the other members of Nexus came out to stand side-by-side at the top of the ramp to watch.

Late in the match, Cena gained control knocking Young down for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He had Young up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Young slipped off. Still, Cena kept on him and put him into the STF. Nexus members on the ramp were cheering for Young not to tap. Young couldn’t withstand the move and tapped out.

All of the other members rushed to surround the ring, as they got on the apron. Cena stepped out onto the other apron and dropped to the floor, leaving them to deal with Darren Young. Nexus got in the ring with the sole losing member of the group, Darren Young who stumbled up to his feet. Young pleaded with leader Wade Barrett a bit, but then got hammered down from behind by Nexus members. They all ganged up and gave a solid beatdown on Young. They stood up Young for Sheffield’s running clothesline. Barrett picked up Young on his shoulders and hit his finisher next. They pulled Young over towards the corner for the finale, Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash.

Barrett and a couple others left the ring then got back in. Cole and Lawler reviewed a highlight reel of Nexus beating up Darren Young. The remaining six members of Nexus stood side-by-side in the ring with arms raised as Darren Young was layed out on the mat.

Winner: John Cena wins due to submission over Darren Young.

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