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Peepli LIVE – Review

Aamir Khan who is known as Mr Perfect in the B-town for his excellent scripts and proper execution is back again after the blockbuster 3 Idiots. Though this movie is still the talk of the town, Peepli Live has bought Aamir in to news. He is the producer for the movie and Anusha Rizvi who is a journalist by profession has turned director for this film.

Peepli Live is a satire on the suicides of farmers in the rural parts of India and how it is affecting their families and the country as well. Natha, who is a farmer in Peepli, decides to end his life when his crops are ruined. Since the Government declares one lakh rupees compensation to the families of such farmers, Natha feels that the money can help his family. But this idea of Natha spreads in the entire village and soon, the media, politicians, Government organisations flock to the village and the rest of the movie is all about the twists and turns that happen in the life of Natha.

Even before the movie’s release, it won many international awards and the film’s making cost was recovered much earlier. That shows how well the film has been shot and how it reached the audience. No fights, no item songs, no romance, no power packed dialogues. The film is just one and a half hour and is the best in recent times.

Peepli Live doesn’t boast about a huge star cast but is based on real life story. The characters are well etched and the common man can easily relate themselves to the roles. It is a sincere attempt by debutant Anusha and Aamir Khan does it yet again! He surely has the Midas touch.

Go watch Peepli Live today and get a feel of rural India.

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