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‘Mangaatha Will Be A Different Treat’ – Venkat Prabhu

Appearing as a serious person in all his previous releases, the fans will have a different experience with ‘Mangaatha’, as Ajith Kumar performs a contrastive role.

Venkat Prabhu’s hat-trick stroke with ‘Chennai 600028’, ‘Saroja’ and ‘Goa’ has endowed him with the greatest opportunity of wielding megaphone for Ajith Kumar’s 50th film. The movie’s launch took place on August 2 as it marks a special occasion as the actor commenced his film career on the same date before 18 years.

Turning lights on this project, Venkat Prabhu assures everyone that it’s gonna be completely different from Ajith Kumar’s previous movies. It’s a kind of character, who is so energetic, bouncy and brimmed with sense of humor. On contrastive grounds, Nagarjuna will be a serious person and the duo’s encounters together will evoke a sense of humor.

Venkat Prabhu’s younger brother Premji Amaran plays an important role in this movie and rest of the star-casts will be confirmed shortly.

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