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Nadunisi Naaygal : Gautham Menon’s Experimental

By now, we all know that after the roaring success of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, ace director Gautham Menon is currently busy with his quickie thriller Nadunisi Naaygal, which means midnight dogs!

The director hopes to finish this project starring Sameera Reddy and Gautham’s assistant Veera in the lead roles by August. The film is expected to show the series of events happening in a night and its duration will be 90 minutes.

“Basically, I think I got fed up of all the mush that I was making. It’s not that I won’t go back to making mush. It’s just that I wanted to do a slightly bizarre film. I have nothing against dogs and here, I’m not referring to dogs. We’re talking about desire and the dangers that lurk in the night. I’m using dogs as a metaphor to denote danger,” the director revealed.

“Nadunisi Naaygal has no songs. In fact, this movie does not have a background score! It’s a little experimental that way. I’m just telling a story and there are thrilling moments, bizarre and poignant moments in it, but all that should come across with the actors, dialogues and sound effects,” he added.

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