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Selena Gomez Speechless and Adorable on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Selena Gomez is adorable, even when she’s “talking” like a robot. The Disney star lost her voice due to strained vocal cords, but she didn’t let that get her down. She still showed up for her spot on Lopez Tonight yesterday, though she had to answer all the host’s questions using a Dynavox — a computerized machine that spits out whatever you type in, in the funniest voice you can imagine.

Selena showed up for the show looking gorgeous in a black dress and nodded and smiled and laughed as the device talked for her. George Lopez gave Selena his questions before the taping, so she typed her answers into the machine prior to the appearance — hilarity ensued.

Lopez called her a “trooper” for coming on the show without her voice, and the machine replied (via E! Online): “I’m sorry, I’m so upset. But at least it’s funny, right?”

The poor girl even resorted to writing answers on a little white board when the Dynavox flubbed up, and people ate that right up. She smiled and waved and that’s mostly what people care about anyway, right?

The show went well, but Selena’s still not feeling too great. She had to cancel two of her concerts — one tomorrow at the Delaware State Fair, and one Thursday at the Ohio State Fair. We really doubt using a squawk box would work for a concert, though it would be very original!

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