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Sandra Bullock’s Alleged Stalker Back in Her Life

Sandra Bullock filed for a temporary restraining order on Monday against a man she claims has been stalking her since 2003, E!Online reports. Thomas James Weldon was given a permanent restraining order in 2003 after Bullock reported his repeated attempts to contact her.

Permanent restraining orders last three years in California and after one extension in 2006, the order ended last year.

After the first restraining order in 2003, Weldon checked himself into a Tennessee psychiatric facility. Bullock later sued the state in 2006 to ensure she’d be notified when he was released.
Apparently, that didn’t happen. Per the request filed by Bullock, Weldon showed up in Wyoming emergency room last month complaining of anxiety and sleeplessness. He told hospital personnel that had driven from Tennessee hoping to meet Bullock at her Jackson Hole, Wyoming home. He also told doctors he communicated with Bullock telepathically and that he was not taking his medications, according to the Associated Press.

“His preoccupation with Ms. Bullock is obvious,” Dr. Jiri Danczik, a psychiatrist, wrote in a sworn declaration.

In addition to Bullock, the request lists her adopted son Louis, her nanny, housekeeper and assistant as people who need protection from Weldon.

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