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Money in the Bank 2010 World Heavy Weight Championship Match

Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio
World Championship Match

After about seven minutes, Swagger had control and hit his second try for the Gutwrench Powerbomb. However, Swagger’s in attempt was very close to the ropes and Rey Mysterio got his foot up to break it up. Later in the match, Swagger connected on two of his running splash moves with Rey layed out near the corner. He began to stomp away on Rey’s hurt ankle and then stood on it until the ref ordered him to stop. Rey loosened up the protective boot on his injury. As Swagger went for the Anklelock, the boot slipped off. Rey was able to connect on a Hurricanrana for the pinfall win.

Following the match, Swagger did more damage to Rey applying the ankle lock yet again. However, the Smackdown MITB winner Kane’s music hit. Kane arrived out without his briefcase though. He took Jack Swagger backstage after gaining the advantage on him.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger to retain the World Heavyweight Title.

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
World Heavyweight Title match

The Big Red Monster Kane wasted little time in cashing in his freshly won Money in the Bank briefcase. Kane immediately came out to challenge the already injured Mysterio for the belt after disposing of Jack Swagger.

Mysterio tried to dodge Kane early by giving him a “run around”. However, Kane grabbed Mysteriop by his ankle and brought him down to the mat. Next up it was the chokeslam. With Rey incapacitated, Kane finished him off with Undertaker’s “Tombstone Piledriver” for the win. Kane becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio to become World Heavyweight Champion.

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