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Will Smith Cries When He Sees His Son on the Big Screen

Will Smith doesn’t seem like the crying type, but he so is — especially when it comes to his kids. The 41-year-old actor tears up every time he sees his son Jaden, 12, on the big screen. Will helped produce Jaden’s latest flick The Karate Kid, and he couldn’t be a prouder dad, although he always pushes his son to do better.

Will told BANG Showbiz: “I don’t choke back emotion, I boo-hoo every time I see him. It doesn’t even matter. He’s so disciplined and so hard working that it’s hard not to push him for more. There’s no telling what this kid could do.

Jackie Chan and I were having our little private meetings about how to work around mummy. But it was such a wonderful experience. That movie really chokes me up.”

The Men In Black actor, who also has nine-year-old daughter Willow with Jada, also joked his son has the best characteristics of both of his parents. He said: “He’s truly his own being. The best of Jada and I. It’s just amazing, amazing that you can go to Mexico, drink some tequila, and then he shows up nine months later. It’s amazing.”

However, while filming the action movie, a re-imagining of the popular ’80s movie series, work had to be extended by an extra month, something Will was not brave enough to tell Jaden. He said: “We got toward the end of the film and it got extended by an extra month. So you tell an 11 year old that we are going to have to stay for an extra month when he was getting ready to go home. Leave that to mommy!”

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