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Madonna Is ‘Fearless’ in the Gym, According to Ex

Madonna and perky fitness trainer Tracy Anderson parted ways several months ago, but it’s safe to say that the “Material Girl” singer, 51, is already on a new exercise regimen.

The entertainer spares no expense to keep herself fit, and as her former personal trainer and ex-boyfriend Carlos Leon explained to London’s Times, she’s willing to get experimental. “Madonna and I worked out together when we were a couple. It was a mix and match of me following her program and her following mine. She is always very curious about what’s new, what’s hot. She is the type of person who will do anything exercise-wise. Right now she is using big elastic bands for resistance training and her cardio comes from dance.”

Considering Madonna has built her brand on a highly fit image, it’s no surprise she goes to such lengths. As Leon explained, “I think Madonna knows she sets the bar pretty high for people who see her image in the papers. But bear in mind she has a cook, a trainer, she appears on stage for two hours when she’s on tour. She makes her body her business, she really does.”

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