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Does Angelina Jolie’s New Thigh Tattoo Read “Whiskey Bravo”?

Angelina Jolie isn’t talking about what her new inner-thigh tattoo says, so that means we’ve all been left to our own devices (mainly the zoom function in Photoshop) to try to figure out what the new ink says, using the only concrete clue she revealed in an interview recently: It’s “for Brad.”

Given that little nugget, a Jezebel reader thinks they’ve come up with the answer: It reads “Whiskey Bravo.” We know, say what? Well, here’s the logic: “Brad’s real name is William Bradley Pitt. According to the alphabet the military use: William Bradley = Whiskey Bravo.” Voila!

The close-up view of the tattoo, which was visible in the actress’ recent Vanity Fair photo shoot, does seem to show two words, beginning with “W” and “B” respectively. Still, it’s really, really hard to tell what the other letters are, other than the first word most likely ends in “Y.” And, as we all know, “whiskey” does end in “Y.”

Angelina’s bound to spill the beans sometime, so in the meantime “Whiskey Bravo” satisfies our curiosity just fine.

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