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Pamela Anderson Wants to Age Naturally

Most people probably remember Pamela Anderson jogging down a beach in a skimpy red bathing suit on hit show Baywatch. The show—and her ample assets—propelled her to stardom. Yet, Pam has expressed a desire to age naturally when it comes to her face. She admits she is scared of facial surgery, saying:

I haven’t done Botox. I don’t like all that facial stuff. It scares me. You see these people who have had it, and they all look the same. I just don’t think I should go that way, especially at 43. I think I should just age. I’ve never been the prettiest person, and I don’t feel I need to chase youth.

Pam also says that she prefers a natural look in her day-to-day life—she doesn’t use many face or hair products and hasn’t had a facial in a while.

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