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Jennifer Lopez: Breaking Up With Ben Changed Me

Jennifer Lopez’s break-up from Ben Affleck completely changed her.

The singer-and-actress — whose engagement to the movie star ended hours before they were supposed to wed in September 2003 — was left heartbroken by their split and ended up “not quite the same person” she was before they started dating.

She said: “I don’t think I had ever been heartbroken in that way before — had so many hopes and dreams on something. This was the first time and it was tough. When you go through that kind of heartbreak in front of everybody you are not quite the same person you were before.”

Before Ben, the 40-year-old starlet dated rapper P. Diddy in a two-and-a-half year relationship Jennifer now describes as “ugly” and “sordid”.

She explained in her Behind the Music documentary for VH1: “He was like, ‘I love you’. Right away. It was very fast, but we did have a connection. We did fall in love and we were very close. But my relationship with him was always something I knew would end.

“It started out as something very pure and innocent. But it did get ugly – it did get sordid.”

After dating the rapper, Jennifer had a brief marriage to backing dancer Cris Judd from September 2001 until they separated in June the next year, when she started dating Ben.

Despite her dramatic past relationships, Jennifer is now settled with her long-term friend, singer Marc Anthony — who she briefly dated in the 90s and has two-year-old twins Max and Emme with.

They recorded a track together for Jennifer’s film Shall We Dance in early 2004, and following a whirlwind romance, they wed on June 5 that year.

Jennifer explained: “We make each other better. We reconnected like we had never been apart. It was really the same chemistry and connection we had at the very beginning.”

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