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Jaclyn Smith Celebrates 25 Years with Kmart

She was one of the first to create a fashion label from her celebrity and now Jaclyn Smith is celebrating her 25th anniversary in business as a designer, a milestone some regular designers never reach.

“She’s a pioneer,” Kmart spokesperson Amy Dimond tells StyleList. “In a time when most celebrities just lent their name, Jaclyn helped design the line herself, wanted it to be authentic and reflect her personal style.”

It’s this authenticity and her devotion to updating classic pieces that keeps her customers coming back for more.

“She updates her collection each season by working with the over 200 designers in Soho (at the Kmart Design Studio),” Dimond explains. “If you look at her white shirt – she does one each season – you can follow the trends over 25 years through her white shirt design.”

And there have been similar evolutions with what Smith refers to as “must-haves” – the white shirt, black trousers, a classic pullover sweater, a charmeuse blouse, knit separates, the sheath dress, the trench coat and leather.

Two years ago, Smith and Kmart added home and outdoor collections, which have both been successful from the start. “Home gets very personal for Jaclyn,” Dimond explains. “One of the floral patterns in the collection is based on the flowers that she grows in her garden in Beverly Hills [Calif.] and how the Santa Ana winds blow through them.”

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