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Russell Brand’s Proposal to Katy Perry Was Made Dangerous By a ‘Freaked Out’

There’s romantic, and then there’s just downright dangerous. It sounds like the line between the two got a little blurred, with Katy Perry saying she thought she might end in a “wheelchair” when Russell Brand proposed to her – because of a frightened elephant.

The “California Gurls” singer says the British funnyman pulled out all the stops on the night they got engaged but she was left worried for her safety by the combination of loud fireworks and a nervous elephant.

Katy — who said “I do” to Russell in Jaipur, India — recalled: “A horse and carriage took us to where we were going to eat: this tent made out of tens of thousands of roses. There were men holding fires on the pathway, under a blue moon… We then rode to another part of the hotel on a painted elephant and watched the fireworks. The elephant freaked out: he thought it was the apocalypse. So I was freaking out, thinking I was going to end up in a wheelchair at 25, because of an elephant. But we lived, and we went to another area that Russell had set up by these waterfalls. There was this balcony that had a love seat, and a bunch of flowers on a table. The ring was underneath them.”

The pop beauty also revealed fiance Russell, 35, wanted to bed her the first night they met at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, in New York.

However, Katy wasn’t willing to give into the legendary Lothario’s charms and insisted they dated first.

She added to the new issue of Britain’s Esquire magazine: “Can you imagine the horrible feeling he had, when he was used to getting everything he wanted. I was like, ‘You’ve met your match motherf—er. A week later we were on vacation in Thailand.”

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