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Kim Kardashian Has Forgiven Her Dog for Peeing on Her Purse

Kim Kardashian loves her doggie. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star adores Rocky, a boxer she got with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, and she claims her pooch takes after his mama. She’s gotten over the fact that he peed on her purse as a puppy, and the two are now the best of friends.

When asked which celebrity her dog is like, Kim told People: “Rocky is most like me, his mommy. He’s really cool and calm, and goes with the flow.”

And because Rocky is so chilled out she couldn’t wait to introduce him to her sister Kourtney’s six-month-old son Mason. She revealed “Mason hasn’t really been around dogs that much. My mom has three and Kourtney keeps them away. But I wanted to really introduce them.”

But Kim, 29, admits Kourtney, who had Mason with her partner Scott Disick, was not impressed by Rocky’s animal exuberance. Kim said “Rocky was licking Mason in the face, and Kourtney was mad at me. I was like, ‘No, they need to meet!’ It was really funny. And Rocky did calm down after a little bit.”

Kim and Rocky’s relationship has grown stronger over the years. In 2009, she was devastated after he destroyed one of her precious Birkin handbags. She tweeted: “Rocky just peed on my new Birkin bag!!! I want to kill him! U have noooo idea how I feel right now! I know he’s a puppy but SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!”

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