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Mugdha’s Maiden Bikini Treat…

She’s charming with a shapely bod that’s clearly the owner’s pride and a neighbour gal’s envy. Mugdha Godse, supermodel and star, fortunately, has little qualms about displaying her vital stats onscreen too.

Her debut: ‘Fashion’ did showcase her in a two piece bikini, though Muggy had a wrap around draped on her lower half.

In a scintillating twist that is bound to have males salivating some more… Mugdha will show up in a white two piece bikini in her Bobby Deol starrer ‘Help’.

Incidentally, this will be a maiden bikini appearance for Muggy, who’s gonna stun the psyches of males with her Ashely Rebello styled ensemble.

States Muggy in a tabloid chat, “Wearing a bikini was no big deal because it was a script requirement. I had to work really hard on my body too.”

Muggy settled for a pristine white two piece bikini, chucking the familiar route of colourful and fluorescent ones that most leading females prefer…

Reveals Mugdha, “What was tough for me was to portray the two ‘looks’ that I have in the film, which was glamourous at some time and quite ghastly at others!”

Helmed by Rajeev Hirani, ‘Help,’ a horrror thriller slated for an August 13 release also boasts of spicy bare dare scenes showcasing Mugdha. Guess, it’s just a bare necessity…

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