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Smackdown Results 06/25/10

Smackdown Results from Manchester, NH:

Smackdown opened with Teddy Long and Vickie Guerrero smiling on camera backstage. Teddy announced there were 3 new champions crowned this past Sunday at Fatal 4Way PPV, including Smackdown’s own Rey Mysterio as World Champion. He said at the next PPV, Money in the Bank, Rey will defend his title.

Vickie butted in to continue talking, saying in the next two weeks the two of them will evaluate all the Superstars to decide which 8 men will compete in the MITB ladder match. Teddy said the 8 guys will be fighting for a contract hanging above the ring, they can cash in at any time for a World Title shot. Vickie brought up how Mr. McMahon was rendered incapicated by the NXT superstars on Raw.

Just then, Drew McIntyre came in to interrupt and started to dress down Teddy about how he officiated his IC title match at Fatal 4Way PPV Sunday. He told Teddy to wipe the smirk off his face. Teddy said he’d met with the WWE board and they told him that he can run Smackdown as he sees fit. Teddy said first order of business is he will reinstate Matt Hardy, and he’ll be in action tonight, against Drew McIntyre. Teddy ordered Drew to get out and Vickie backed him up on it.

Big Show came out to start off Smackdown. Grisham and Striker were shown at the commentators table. They brought up how Kane believes CM Punk is the guilty party behind Undertaker’s attack. Tonight Kane gets to go one-on-one with CM Punk in a No disqualification match.

Big Show vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger got a mic up on the stage to let everyone know he’s protesting the fact he had to defend his World Title in a Fatal Fourway. Swagger said it’s impossible for a natural-born champion like himself to come out victorious. Swagger said he was cheated and he’s invoked his rematch clause for Money in the Bank PPV. Swagger said “cheaters never win and winners never cheat.” Swagger vowed until he gets a rematch he’s going to make everyone suffer. Swagger told Big Show right now he’s going to make him suffer.

Swagger got dominated early by Show, including a massive Superplex from off the corner. Show stayed down on the mat while Swagger rolled around on the floor outside the ring.

Late in the match, Show had Swagger in a chokehold and was going to do the Chokeslam. Swagger countered and it looked like he was going to roll through for a pin. Instead, he put on an ankle lock. Show was screaming in pain but finally managed to grab the bottom rope. Swagger dropped to the mat and kept the hold on. The ref called for the DQ since Swagger wouldn’t respond to his orders. Swagger kept it on after the bell until finally two refs got him to stop.

Swagger was still down on the mat holding his ankle in pain as Swagger glared at him from the top of the stage. Finally, Show got himself up with the ropes to stare up at Swagger, then fell back down to the mat again for the refs to help him.

Winner: Big Show wins due to disqualification of Jack Swagger.

MVP, Christian & Kofi Kingston vs. Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer & Dolph Ziggler

Late in the match, Christian hit a missile dropkick on Ziggler for a pinfall. Archer and Hawkins came in to break it up, so Kofi and MVP came in to clean house. Everyone went to the outside, except the legal men, Ziggler and Christian. Ziggler threw Christian face first to the turnbuckle. Ziggler went for Zig Zag but Christian held the corner to prevent it. From there he grabbed Ziggler and hit Killswitch for the win.

Winners: Kofi Kingston, Christian & MVP win via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler, Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer.

Grisham introduced highlights from Monday Night Raw where the NXT season 1 crew gave Mr. McMahon a beatdown in the ring. This came after it was discovered Mr. McMahon was behind their attacks earlier. They hit several big moves on Vince including a running clothesline from Sheffield, Wade Barret’s slam off the shoulders, and Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash from the corner. Striker read off the anonymous GM’s email “these actions will be met with the appropriate consequences.”

Backstage, Kane slammed his fists on a coffin, saying tonight they will gain vengeance against the guilty culprit. Kane vowed to break CM Punk’s body in two tonight and decapitate the head of the SES. Kane slammed the lid of the coffin as he was huffing and puffing.

Matt Hardy was walking backstage all smiles. He slapped hands with several WWE staff, then JTG walked up and gave him a handshake.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre

Late in the match, the two foes fought outside the ring. McIntyre rammed Hardy into the steps hard. Hardy was resting on top of the steps with his head in prime position for Drew to stomp on. Drew went for it as he did to Hardy once before, but this time Matt was clever and moved then swiped Drew’s other leg, causing McIntyre to fall on his back on the steel steps. Hardy rolled McIntyre back into the ring, went for the pinfall, but McIntyre kicked out.

McIntyre got a pinfall on Hardy as well, but Matt kicked out of the pin. Drew got a wicked look on his face as he went towards Hardy. Matt quickly grabbed him for the Twist of Fate to win it.

Winner: Matt Hardy wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre.

Teddy Long appeared up on the Titantron with a message for McIntyre. He said he was sorry he lost the match and had some bad news for him. Teddy said he did some research and it seems that Drew’s VISA has recently expired. Teddy said Drew’s been in the country illegally. Teddy asked security to go bring him back to Scotland. Two guys in suits walked down the ramp, while Matt Hardy was backing up leading a “hey hey goodbye song” with the crowd. Drew rushed over to Matt Striker and told him to say he’s not going anywhere. McIntyre screamed at Striker and kept pounding away on the tables, but then the two security guys escorted him up the ramp and backstage.

vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes grabbed a mic and told the WWE fans to look at WWE’s most attractive superstar. Rhodes then had a WWE.com diva’s poll shown up on the Titantron over who was the most attractive WWE Superstar. Rhodes had them reveal the results and Rhodes won it with a 35% vote over John Cena’s 28%. Rhodes acted surprised about the results, then told his NXT rookie Husky Harris to take off his vest.

Rhodes said Husky represents the average male with his girth and strange tattoos. He thanked Husky and said he could go backstage. Rhodes said it’s strange he came out so good looking because have you seen his relatives. Rhodes got out of the ring, then went over to the crowd. He started insulting various audience members for being out of shape, then asked Todd Grisham if he knows how many hours it takes him to get in such great shape. Rhodes turned his attention to ring announcer Tony Chimel asking when his last donut was, the first match?
Rhodes returned to the ring and
thanked the WWE Divas saying they have exquisite taste. He layed on the corner and said he can’t help his God-given ability to excel in the ring. Rhodes then announced from now on everyone including Tony Chimel will call him “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. He kept repeating it over and over to the booing fans.

Dolph Ziggler came backstage to talk to Vickie Guerrero. He complained that their relationship was not two-way. He said he feels he gives and gives and gives. He told Vickie he wants gold. She said she gave him a gold chain. Ziggler said he wants an Intercontinental title match. He told her to make it happen, otherwise he doesn’t know what will happen with them.

Kelly Kelly vs. Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes was jumping rope in the ring as her theme music played. Kelly Kelly came to the ring along with Tiffany. Just then, LayCool’s music hit. They made their way out to the ramp along with their NXT rookie, Kuval wearing his pink Property of Laycool shirt. The ref told Rosa to stop jumping rope when the bell rang.

LayCool sat with Striker and Grisham for commentary and asked “who allowed Rrrrrosa in the rrrrrring?” As they kept chatting, Kelly Kelly got an extremely quick victory with her leg drop to the back of Rosa’s head. Kelly Kelly started jumping rope to show off in the ring, then threw the jump rope at them. LayCool got up on the apron, so Tiffany got in the ring help Kelly. LayCool backed off and jumped down from the apron. Kuval just watched.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Rosa Mendes.

They showed a replay of what Swagger did earlier in the show to Big Show with the intense ankle lock he wouldn’t let go off even after losing the match by DQ.

Smackdown returned with Spanish guitar music and an outside shot of a nice home. Inside, they showed a guy reading a book on the couch. He said his name is Alberto del Rio. He said people talk about all his attributes including honesty. He said all men are born with honesty, but lose it quickly. He said as the growth process continues, so do the lies. He said a liar is a despicable person. He added only one man who doesn’t lie, Alberto Del Rio. Striker and Grisham noted that it seems a new superstar is headed to Smackdown. Grisham handed out congrats to Rey Mysterio for capturing the World Title this past Sunday at Fatal 4Way. He’ll be there next week to address the WWE Universe.

Kane vs. CM Punk
No DQ match

Punk was introduced first. After he got to the ring, Punk got on the mic and pointed at his mask saying “this is the face of an innocent man”. Smackdown went to commercial, then returned with Kane’s intro. Punk immediately attacked when Kane got in the ring, but Kane threw him hard at the corner and Punk fell outside the ring.

With Kane beating up Punk outside the ring during the match, Luke Gallows came rushing down to Punk’s aid. Kane got to him though and threw Gallows face first off the steel steps and then into the crowd barrier. The masked member of SES came down to help out, but Kane got him too, whipping him into the barrier near the ramp. Serena layed across the guy on the ramp to prevent further attack, and Punk/Gallows attacked Kane from behind. The mystery man came in to help as well. They stood him up and whipped Kane into the crowd barrier, then Gallows splashed against him. They tried to slingshot Punk at Kane. Kane did a backdrop and threw Punk into the timekeeper’s area.

Kane beat up the other SES members as they rushed him, then went back after Punk. Kane smashed both of Punk’s arms onto the steel steps one-by-one. He continued to dismantle Punk outside the ring throwing him into the ring steps a few times more. Kane began taking apart the commentary table. The mystery SES guy rushed him, so Kane chokeslammed him to the floor. He grabbed Punk and slapped on the Chokehold.

Luke Gallows attacked from behind for the save. Kane soon regained control on him, then chokeslammed Gallows through the table. He went back after Punk through the crowd, stalking him up the steps into the crowd and then out into the arena lobby. He slammed Punk through a concessions table, then over another one. He punched Punk out through the arena door. Punk got up and ran across the street as Smackdown ended.

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