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Monday Night Raw Results 06/21/10

Raw opened with the intro theme video, not highlights from Fatal 4Way. Lawler and Cole discussed how controversial last night’s Pay-Per-View was, with the NXT crew interfering in the main event for the WWE title, which lead to Sheamus become the new champion.

Vince McMahon arrived out to the cheers of the crowd. Vince brought up how last night Sheamus won the WWE title due to the chaos during the main event. Vince said there’s only one person to blame for last night’s chaos, Bret Hart. Vince said Bret made a bad decision last week firing Wade Barrett and dismissing the entire NXT group which set off a bad series of actions. Vince said due to Bret not showing up last night, there was all this chaos.

Vince said as Chairman of WWE he has no other choice but to relieve Bret as GM of Raw. Vince said there’s a new GM who will run things on Raw, who prefers to remain anonymous. He said the new GM will issue instructions through the Mac laptop computer on the announce desk. Vince said when Michael Cole gets an email he’ll stand up and announce what they’ve said.

Cole stood up to read the first email that just came in. He said per order of the new GM all 7 of the former NXT guys have officially been hired. Vince said looks like an interesting show, and wished everyone a fun night. He was about to leave when the new WWE champ Sheamus arrived out. Sheamus got in the ring with a mic looking a bit concerned.

Sheamus said this was not the way he wanted to win the WWE Title, he wanted to prove that he belongs in the top of the WWE by beating 3 of WWE’s best in the ring. Sheamus said he can’t accept the WWE title under these conditions, then started to hand the belt over to Vince McMahon. He yanked it away and said “I will anyway” then joyously raised his arms up laughing about it. Sheamus sent out a message of thanks to the former NXT guys – “Thank you for interfering in the match last night, and taking out Bret Hart last week.”

Sheamus said he really didn’t need the NXT guys’ help and the only statement made last night was him winning the WWE Title. Just then, he was interrupted by John Cena’s music. Cena walked down to the ring smiling about it and got a mic as well. Cena thanked Vince McMahon for hiring the new GM, and told Michael Cole to send an email thanking that new GM for hiring back the NXT guys. Cena brought up that he still gets a rematch, and said he can’t think of a better spot than Bridgeport, CT for that. Sheamus said no way tonight.
Vince got in between the two guys, just as Michael Cole got a new email from the GM. It said Sheamus will defend the WWE Title tonight against John Cena in the main event. There will be a special guest referee too – Mr. McMahon.

Highlights were shown from last Monday’s Raw where Evan Bourne won against Chris Jericho due to Jericho’s DQ. After the bell, Bourne kicked Jericho to the mat and hit Air Bourne on him.

Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho

They showed a still image of the Air Bourne from last night’s Fatal 4Way PPV where Bourne beat Chris Jericho. Jericho had a mic and said he requested this match for tonight, and if he doesn’t win he’ll walk out of the arena and the WWE forever.

In the late stages of the match, Jericho had Walls of Jericho locked in but someone Bourne managed to crawl to the ropes. Bourne rolled onto the apron and a frustrated Jericho recovered on the other side of the ring. Jericho went after Bourne who was on the apron, but Bourne again got a roundhouse kick in, knocking Jericho to the mat. Bourne climbed the corner and went for Air Bourne, however Jericho got both knees up, then hit Codebreaker for the win.

Jericho seemed to be helping Bourne stand up and encouraging him, but then shoved him back down to the mat. Jericho rolled out of the ring smirking and raising up his arm.

Winner: Chris Jericho wins via pinfall over Evan Bourne.

Cole and Lawler reviewed the intro for Raw when the new GM sent an email to announce the main event WWE Title match with Vince McMahon as special ref.

Vince McMahon was on the phone backstage talking about the WWE Title match with an unknown caller. He said he understands that he gave the new GM complete authority. Vince said not to surprise him too much though. Vince walked over and grabbed his referee shirt smiling.

Virgil was shown in the locker room when Ted Dibiase walked in. Dibiase said he wanted to apologize for his actions last week, humiliating him in the ring. He told Virgil his services would no longer be needed. Dibiase said he got an upgrade, and in walked Maryse. She spoke in French. Virgil asked Dibiase what he’d do for protection, and Dibiase said go to the drug store. He told Virgil he’s fired and Maryse said goodbye in French, then smiled at Dibiase.

Josh Matthews was backstage to interview Natalya and Hart Dynasty. Josh asked about their thoughts on Bret being relieved of his GM duties. They said Bret did nothing wrong and what happened to him was a disgrace. Natalya said the NXT guys should have been arrested for last week’s incident. She said as his family they’ll never let that happen again. DH Smith said they’ll make his uncle Bret proud. Natalya said she’ll dedicate her first Raw match tonight to Uncle Bret.

The camera showed a limosine pull up outside of the arena. The camera stopped on the back door but nobody stepped out.

Natalya vs. Tamina

The Hart Dynasty and The Usos were at ringside for the divas match. The match was ultimately in Natalya’s hands as she prepared for the Sharpshooter to win it. Suddenly, the NXT guys came storming out from backstage and to the ring area. The Usos pulled Tamina out of the ring while DH and Kidd got in the ring to protect Natalya.

Wade Barrett grabbed a mic and said he knows the Harts are upset but they came to apologize. Kidd wasn’t having it and did a springboard jump over the ropes onto two NXT guys crashing down on them. DH Smith came outside to start fighting, but the 7 NXT guys soon overpowered the Harts. They tossed Kidd into the crowd barrier and beat down DH Smith. Cole said “these 7 guys are so dangerous.” Barrett got into the ring as Raw went to commercial.

Winner: No contest due to NXT guys interrupting the match.

Raw returned with the 7 NXT guys in the ring. Otunga had the mic and said on behalf of their group he wants to apologize for their actions the past few weeks. Otunga said they love WWE so much they’d do anything to get noticed and to get those contracts. Otunga said now that they have those contracts things can go back to normal.

Slater took the mic and said they’ve got no problem with the WWE locker room or WWE Universe. He said the attacks are nothing personal. He said they want to apologize to a few select individuals. Justin Gabriel took over saying first they want to apologize to Bret Hart, and they hope he’s doing OK now. They apologized to The Hart Dynasty, saying they had to defend themselves tonight, and hope everyone can co-exist peacefully.

Darren Young said they want to apologize to John Cena. Young said they used to call him “the black John Cena”. Young said Cena will get his title back. Skip Sheffield said they want to apologize to the entire WWE Universe for always supporting him and the others. Sheffield said he hopes everyone can find it in their hearts to forgive and forget. Michael Tarver took the mic next. Tarver made an apology to his daughters. He said when you’ve got an opportunity to realize your dream you’ve got to do what it takes.

Finally, Wade Barrett took over to speak. He said they all did what they had to do. Barrett reminded everyone he had a WWE title shot and a contract. He said he only aligned himself with the NXT guys and they would all stick together, because that’s what loyalty is all about. Barrett said the NXT season one guys have formed a bond that will never be broken. He said his PPV title shot has been reinstated as well. Barrett sent a message to Sheamus saying he only won because they made Cena a target, and they could just as easily make Sheamus a target. He told Sheamus he will become WWE Champion no matter who he has to beat. A new theme song started playing after Barrett stopped speaking.

Lawler and Cole reminded fans that the theme song for Fatal 4Way was “Showstopper” by Toby Mac and that WWE.com has full highlight photos.

John Morrison vs. Ted Dibiase

Morrison came out with his NXT rookie Eli Cottonwood who stood next to Morrison for the special slow-mo intro.

Ted Dibiase came out with Maryse on his arm. He said he’s got better things to do than wrestle tonight. He said he found a suitable replacement for him though. Out came Zack Ryder with his NXT rookie Titus O’Neil.

In the late part of the match, Morrison missed on a spin kick so Ryder went to the apron. As Morrison went at him, Ryder yanked him down against the top rope. Back in the ring, Ryder tried for the Rough Ryder, but Morrison reversed it to slam Ryder face first to the mat. From there it was time for the Starship Pain to finish Ryder off.

Winner: John Morrison wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder.

Josh Matthews caught up with John Cena backstage, he asked what Cena thought of the NXT guys’ apology. Cena laughed it off, saying they put him on a stretcher and cost him the title, almost his career. He said every action has got a reaction. Cena said “apology not accepted.” Cena said now he’s worried about getting the WWE Championship back. Vince McMahon came up in his ref shirt saying there will be no excuses tonight. Vince said tonight his job is to insure that the best man will win.

Eve Torres & Great Khali vs. Alicia Fox & Primo

Primo wanted nothing to do with Khali in the start so he tagged in Alicia. Eve tagged in as well and got the upperhand on Alicia taking her down in a headlock. Alicia soon gained the advantage though and mocked Eve when she was down on the mat.

At one point in the match, Primo tried to get a kiss from Eve, and grabbed her arm in the ring. Eve slapped him in the face. As Primo was holding his cheek, Eve tagged in Khali. Alicia Fox hit the road with her Divas belt, leaving up the ramp. Khali began to dismantle Primo in the ring, then eventually hit the Punjabi Plunge for the win.

Winner: Eve & Great Khali win via pinfall over Primo & Alicia Fox.

The Viper Randy Orton was shown walking backstage on his way out to the ring. Lawler said he has asked for time to speak tonight.

Orton came to the ring and got on the mic. He said if NXT guys want to interfere in his match, that’s fine because now that they have a WWE contract. He said that means he will punt kick each and every one of them. Orton said he accepts Barrett’s apology too and hopes he becomes WWE Champion. Orton said because he will be the one to take it from him.

Just then, The Miz arrived out in street clothes with his US Title and a mic. He questioned Randy getting another main event title match. Miz said he’s sick of seeing Orton in the main event matches week after week. Miz said one thing Orton has never done is hold the US Title and WWE Title at the same time. Miz told Orton to go to the back of the line. Miz said the next WWE Championship match is his.

The Miz got into the ring finally saying he has an industry secret to share “I’m the Miz and I’m-” Miz didn’t finish but instead kicked Orton in the gut and started hammering away on him. Orton soon gained control of things and powerslammed The Miz down. Orton dropped down to pound away on the mat, getting ready for Miz to get up. He rushed him and went for RKO, but Miz quickly escaped the ring. Orton stared out at Miz as he walked off around the ring. Just then, Edge slipped into the ring. As Orton turned around, Edge caught him with the Spear. Edge got down to look at Orton and said on the mic “Now the real fun begins Randy”.

John Cena vs. Sheamus
WWE Title match

Vince McMahon arrived to the ring dressed as the special guest referee for the main event title match. Michael Cole read back the email he received earlier from the new “anonymous” General Manager of Raw. John Cena was out next followed by new champion, Sheamus.

Mr. McMahon was at ringside while another referee was in the ring for the match. At one point, Sheamus was recovering outside the ring and Cena came out after him. Sheamus got up though and whipped Cena hard into the steel steps. He tossed Cena back in the ring for a pinfall but somehow Cena kicked out of it to Sheamus’ dismay.

Sheamus went back out of the ring and grabbed the steel steps. He set up half the steel steps on the ramp, then pulled Cena to the outside. He threw Cena into the steel step part on the ramp, then brought Cena’s limp body back to the ring. Sheamus got in the ring and prepared for Cena to get up. Cena did and Sheamus hit him with the Pump boot kick. Suddenly, the NXT Season 1 guys appeared and came running to the ring. Sheamus saw them and quickly got out of there. He headed into the crowd just as Heath Slater and another NXT guy tried to grab him.

They turned their attention to Cena. The commentators hit the road. Darren Young stood Cena up then tossed him over the commentators table. Barrett ordered them to do something and Skip Sheffield pushed the commentators table on top of Cena near the crowd barrier. Mr. McMahon was standing there watching it all with a mic in hand, seeming to admire their work.

Winner: No contest due to NXT guys interference. Sheamus retains the WWE Championship.

Vince got into the ring with the microphone. Vince told the NXT guys to stop it, then told them to get in the ring. Vince told the crowd to check out these extraordinary athletes. Vince said he can take partial responsibility for their actions against everyone. Vince asked for a round of applause for himself. The NXT guys were smirking behind him. Vince said next week the new GM is going to reveal something.

Vince started looking concerned as the NXT guys started shooting him evil looks almost as if they were going to attack. Vince then started laughing saying “you guys almost had me there for a second.” They started with the looks again. This time they all surrounded Vince looking like it was time for a beatdown.

After several moments that’s what happened as all seven NXT guys began to beat on Vince. He tried to escape the ring, but they grabbed him and started stomping on him even more. They picked up Vince as Skip Sheffield hit a huge running clothesline. Several guys put Vince up on Barrett’s shoulders for his slam move. Barrett ordered Justin Gabriel to go to the corner for the 450 Splash to finish things off.

Raw closed with the NXT guys leaving the ring with Vince McMahon layed out. They all headed backstage with no commentators on hand to call the action. An unknown guy got in the ring and started yelling for someone to get help out there.

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