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Fatal 4Way 2010 Results

Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston
Intercontinental Championship

In an exciting match, the referee Charles Robinson got knocked out near the corner. With no ref available, McIntyre hit his finishing DDT move. He had a pin but there wasn’t anyone to count it. McIntyre went to the outside, grabbed Teddy Long and tossed him into the ring. He stripped off the ref’s shirt and forced Long to wear it, then told him to make the count. Teddy Long slapped his hand to the mat for 1, 2, but paused before 3. He shook his head “No” at McIntyre.

McIntyre became enraged and yelled at Teddy he’d hurt him if he didn’t make the count. As he went for another Future Shock DDT, Matt Hardy came out of nowhere to storm the ring. Hardy rushed in and attacked McIntyre, hitting the Twist of Fate to Teddy Long’s delight. Kofi Kingston used Trouble in Paradise to take McIntyre down for good. Long counted the pinfall to have Kofi Kingston retain.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Title.

Maryse vs. Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres
Divas Championship Fatal Fourway

In this divas championship match, the divas were all trying for the quick wins early on, with multiple pinfall attempts. At one point, Eve and Gail managed to get Alicia and Maryse into submission holds at the same time. Eventually the heels broke free.

Maryse and Alicia got into an argument with the two getting into a fight. Maryse kicked Alicia down for a pinfall that Eve broke up. Gail was able to get back into the ring and dropkicked both Eve and Maryse. Gail had a pinfall on Maryse, but Eve managed to break things up.

In the closing moments, Alicia yanked Gail out of the ring to fight. In the ring, Eve hit a spinning neckbreaker to take Maryse down. Eve then hit a moonsault on Maryse for what looked like a winning pinfall. Alicia Fox smartly grabbed Eve out of the ring, then stole the pinfall victory on Maryse. Alicia Fox is your new divas champion.

Winner: Alicia Fox wins via pinfall over Maryse to become the new Divas Champion.

Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho came out to the ring ready to wrestle and discussed how Bourne was trying to make a name off him. He said Bourne’s career would be snuffed out tonight by him. After Jericho’s in-ring rant, Bourne came out for the match, a rematch from their earlier one on Raw.

In the closing moments of their match, Bourne had a roll-up near pinfall. Jericho was going to go for Walls of Jericho, with Bourne countering into a DDT from a guillotine choke. Bourne climbed the corner for Air Bourne, but Jericho followed him up there and went for a Superplex. Bourne shoved Jericho off and prepared for Air Bourne, but Jericho was back up and dropped Bourne crotch first on the corner. Jericho tried for a Superplex again, but Bourne threw him off the corner. Bourne finally hit the Air Bourne on Jericho who was face down. Bourne then rolled him over and made the cover for the win.

Winner: Evan Bourne wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Big Show vs. Jack Swagger
World Championship Fatal Fourway

At one point in this match, Big Show tossed CM Punk into the ring, but got the steel steps dropkicked into his knee by Rey Mysterio. Punk hit a springboard splash off the top rope onto Big Show. Back in the ring, Rey went for a springboard move on Swagger, but Jack kicked Rey in the gut. CM Punk was back inside and hit the Go To Sleep on Swagger. Eventually, Punk, Rey and Swagger were all layed out in the ring, with Show on the outside. Suddenly, Kane’s theme music hit.

The Big Red Monster got into the ring with a casket nearby. He pointed at CM Punk, then tossed him to the outside. Kane went out after him and chokeslammed Punk into the casket. Luke Gallows rushed over and kicked Kane to save Punk. Punk and Gallows took off for the backstage area, with Kane going after them.

Back in the Fatal fourway, it was down to Big Show, Rey and champion Jack Swagger. Show was still out of it. Rey was able to drop Swagger against the ropes and hit a 619 on him. He followed up with a Springboard Splash and then the pinfall to become new World Champion.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger to become new World Heavyweight Champion.

R-Truth vs. The Miz
United States Championship

Late in the match, Miz used submission holds on the mat to wear down R-Truth. Truth eventually made a comeback and hit the Flatliner for a near fall. The two opponents went back and forth with offense. R-Truth gained momentum and went for a move off the top ropes. He missed on it and appeared to hurt his midsection. Truth tried for a wheelbarrow on The Miz, but Miz was able to counter and pin R-Truth’s shoulders down for the victory.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over R-Truth.

The Hart Dynasty & Natalya vs The Usos & Tamina

In a mixed gender tag match, divas Natalya and Tamina were involved to help their tag teams out. During the match, The Usos moved to a strategy of isolating Tyson Kidd, and keeping him from tagging as they worked on him. Kidd eventually sustained a headbutt from Jimmy Uso off the top ropes, but moved away when he tried for a sit splash on him.

Kidd made a tag out to Natalya, so Tamina also came in. Natalya hit several suplexes and went for the pin. Jey Uso rushed in to break things up. DH Smith came in to clothesline Jey out over the top rope. Both Uso brothers were on the outside, where Tyson Kidd landed a springboard dive onto them. Meanwhile, back inside the ring Tamina managed to hit a Samoan Drop on Natalya. She went to the corner for a Superfly Splash move, but Natalya moved away. Natalya finished up with a clothesline takedown for the victory.

Winner: The Hart Dynasty w/Natalya wins via pinfall over The Usos w/Tamina.

Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena
WWE Championship Fatal Fourway

During the frantic action, all four guys traded offense early and often in this one. At one point, Orton had Cena down in the ring and began to stomp on him. Orton went for a kick on Cena, but missed and appeared to hurt his leg. Sheamus came back in and leveled Orton with a clothesline.

Later still, Randy Orton had both Sheamus and Cena draped on the middle ropes to hit a double DDT on the two opponents. Orton pinned Sheamus who managed to get a foot on the ropes. As Orton was up, he got taken down by Edge’s boot.

As the match continued, Cena managed to clean house a bit, tossing Sheamus to the floor. Edge speared Orton to the floor. Cena got the upperhand on Edge with the STF, and managed to pull him away from the ropes. However, Sheamus came in to break it up. Sheamus tried for a pin on Edge, but Edge kicked out of it.

With the match in progress, the cameras showed backstage where several wrestlers were watching the match. The NXT season one rookies came out of nowhere to attack, then tore down the equipment and set backstage. As the camera returned to the ringside action, John Cena was shown kneeling in the ring. The NXT rookies rushed to the ring where they began to attack John Cena. Edge tried to fight off Wade Barrett but ended up getting tackled down by NXT guys. With Cena down in the ring, Sheamus took advantage of the opportunity to grab a pinfall. Sheamus got the 3 count and the WWE Title, then took off.

After the match had ended, the rookies continued attacking Cena with Justin Gabriel hitting his 450 Splash. They turned their attention to Sheamus who was up on the ramp with the WWE title. The rookies chased Sheamus who took off backstage. Edge and Orton were layed out on the outside of the ring, with Cena holding his midsection in the ring. The announcers weren’t providing commentary and the PPV ended 25 minutes sooner than usual.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over John Cena to become new WWE Champion.

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  1. pj carter
    June 21, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    awsome rey mysterio beat jack bragger it was awsomee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sucks cause sheamus 1 and miz 1 awsome natalia pinned tamina

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