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Smackdown Results 06/18/10

Smackdown results from NC State University

MVP & Christian vs. Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer

They showed Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins attacking MVP 2 weeks ago after his match against Jack Swagger. Christian was a recipient of an attack from them on last week’s show.

Late in this match, Christian had the pinfall on Hawkins. Archer rushed in to break it up and began to beat on Christian, which brought in MVP to help his partner. He punched Archer down, and Archer went to the outside. Archer grabbed MVP and threw him shoulder first to the ringpost. The ref turned his attention to make sure MVP was ok. Christian went for Killswitch on Hawkins, but Archer snuck back in and hit his finisher on Christian. Hawkins went to the corner and hit the elbow drop for the win.

After the match, MVP got into the ring and tried to fight Archer and Hawkins, but ended up eating Archer’s boot to the face. Archer hit his finisher, the inverted DDT, and Hawkins did his elbow drop again, on MVP.

Winners: Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer win via pinfall over Christian & MVP.


JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero

JTG jumped up on the corner with Chavo, then hit the mugshot late in the match, but Chavo kicked out of the pinfall attempt. Chavo missed on a charging move in the corner, allowing for JTG to hit his finisher on Chavo. JTG brought 3 kids into the ring to mimic his moves on the ropes.

Winner: JTG wins via pinfall over Chavo Guerrero.


Theodore Long vs. Drew McIntyre

This match was ordered by Vince McMahon. If Teddy Long refuses to participate he is fired as Smackdown GM. Teddy’s theme music hit but Long didn’t show up, so Drew grabbed a mic. He reiterated that if Long doesn’t come out for the match per Mr. McMahon, he’s fired. Teddy’s music came on again, and out came the Smackdown GM.

Drew said he didn’t care if Teddy was out in a business suit, he was still going to tear him apart. He said first to insure there’s no shenanigans from Matt Hardy or Kofi Kingston, he enlisted his own private security force. About 10 security guards came down the ramp. Drew told the ref to check Teddy Long to make sure he has no foreign objects.

Drew got in Teddy’s face and said here’s your big chance to hit me. He kept getting in Teddy’s face. Drew brought up how Teddy’s family members are watching and many are unemployed. He told him to do exactly what he says. Drew told him to get down on his knees or he’d put him down. Next he ordered Teddy to tell him he’s the chosen one. Long did so after Drew threatened him again. Teddy stood up and Drew told him he was in charge so to get back down. Drew knelt down with him, then ordered Long to lay down on his back in the middle of the ring. He told him to do it for his wife. Long crawled to the middle of the ring and did so.

Drew called Teddy pathetic, then told them to ring the bell. He put a foot on Teddy’s chest then said for the ref to count to 3. Drew got the easy victory out of it.

Winner: Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall over Teddy Long.


Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

Layla was accompanied by her co-Womens Champion Michelle McCool of Team Laycool. NXT rookie Kuval was not with them. Tiffany accompanied Kelly Kelly to the ring.

Both outside divas played a part in the finish. Kelly went to the second rope of the corner for a move, but Michelle was there to distract. Layla kicked Kelly and she fell to the mat. Meanwhile, Tiffany rushed over and clubbed Michelle down. Layla saw it and kicked Tiffany in the head through the ropes. Layla tried to set up a neckbreaker, but Kelly countered. She put her leg on the back of Layla’s head and drove her to the mat for the pinfall. The commentators said the win puts Kelly among top contenders for the Womens Title.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Layla.


Chris Masters vs. Dolph Ziggler

Masters went for the Masterlock and got it late in the match. Ziggler was able to get through the ropes though to break it. As Masters walked for him, Ziggler kicked him hard in the knee. From there, it was all over when Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Masters. Vickie got into the ring to celebrate Dolph’s win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over Chris Masters.


Rey Mysterio & Big Show vs. CM Punk & Jack Swagger

Mysterio was introduced first followed by Big Show, CM Punk and then the champion, Jack Swagger.

During the match, Punk went to the outside to chase CM Punk, but instead got leveled by a Luke Gallows clothesline. Smackdown took a commercial break with Rey layed out, then returned with Punk using a Boston Crab on him.

The heels continued to work on Rey Mysterio, who eventually countered to take down Jack Swagger. Mysterio got up with the ropes and jumped to tag in Show. Show began to take Swagger down then hit him with a hip splash and knocked him down. He signaled for the Chokeslam, with Punk trying to get in the ring. Show sent Punk off the apron then went to Chokeslam Swagger. Swagger hit a DDT on Show though.

Show rolled over and tagged in Rey, whoe went for a high risk move but Swagger avoided it. Swagger picked up Rey and went for Gutwrench Powerbomb. Rey countered it into a slam takedown for the surprise pinfall victory.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Big Show win via pinfall over Jack Swagger & CM Punk.


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