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Raw Results 06/14/10

Raw Results from Charlotte

John Morrison vs. The Miz vs. Zack Ryder vs. R-Truth

In the closing moments, Ryder hit the Rough Ryder leg drop on Truth near the corner and took a pin. Morrison rushed over and kicked Ryder off, causing him to roll outside. From there, Morrison hesitated a moment but noticed Truth right in position for his finisher. He went for Starship Pain and hit it, then took the pin. The Miz rushed over and tossed Morrison out of the ring, then stole the winning pinfall to win the title.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over R-Truth to win the United States Championship.

Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho

Cole said a few weeks ago a star was “Bourne” Evan Bourne, when he teamed with John Cena to take on Edge and Sheamus. Michael Cole rattled off that last week on Monday night, WWE.com had more visitors than NBA.com, MLB.com and ABC.com.

Late in the match, Bourne escaped from Walls of Jericho, then went for a unique cover with Jericho kicking out. Jericho hit Codebreaker, then took the pin with Evan Bourne kicking out of it. Jericho was shocked and started beating on Bourne near the ropes. Jericho kept attacking despite the ref warning him. Jericho threatened to punch the ref, so the ref said to ring the bell.

Jericho went back over at Bourne who was on the apron. Bourne got a high kick to Jericho’s head to knock him down, then climbed up to the corner and hit Air Bourne.

Winner: Evan Bourne wins due to disqualification of Chris Jericho.

Ark Feurestein & Big Show vs. Ted Dibiase & Virgil

Cole reminded fans Big Show will be part of the Fatal 4Way match for the World Title with Jack Swagger, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio. Show got on the mic in the ring and introduced the guest host for Raw and his tag partner, Mark Feuerestein.

Dibiase tried his best against Big Show but at one point tagged in Virgil. Virgil didn’t want any part of Show and got down off the apron. Big Show grabbed Virgil by the head and pulled him up onto the apron then tossed him into the ring. Virgil was able to roll to the outside, but Feuerstein rushed over and grabbed him then threw Virgil back in for Show Show gave Virgil a chest chop in the corner, then chokeslammed him down. Show pointed to Feuerstein then tagged him in. He did “The Worm” then an elbow drop which didn’t really connect, but Virgil was still out for the pin.

Show and Feuerstein left the ring. Dibiase got in and looked down at Virgil who was flat on his back on the mat. He picked up his belt and prepared to leave, then turned back. He put a bill in Virgil’s mouth a la his dad’s old move. Dibiase then turned back again, went over and took the money before leaving.

Winners: Mark Feuerstein & The Big Show win via pinfall over Ted Dibiase & Virgil.

Santino Marella vs. William Regal

Kozlov officiated the match between Santino and Regal, with Regal getting the upperhand early on. Regal went for what looked like a backdrop, but Santino turned it into a Sunset Flip pinfall. It appeared Santino had a handful of tights so Regal kept arguing with Vladimir after the decision. Santino celebrated outside the ring.

Winner: Santino Marella wins via pinfall over William Regal.

Randy Orton & John Cena vs. Edge & Sheamus

Early in the match, Orton gained momentum after a backbreaker on Edge. He went for the RKO, but Edge shoved Orton away then scurried out of the ring as Raw went to commercial.

After break, things went haywire. Orton managed to make a hot tag to Cena, who came in and started to go wild in the ring. Cole called it “vintage John Cena”. Suddenly, the arena lights went dark. The cameras cut backstage where the NXT guys had returned to the arena. They started throwing around and knocking over equipment backstage, destroying the place.

Somehow they had Bret Hart and dragged him down the hall. Two of the NXT guys loaded him into the back of a waiting limosine, then told it to take off. The limo started going in reverse to back up, screeching its tires. It hit another car on the way out, then kept driving around and crashing into other cars in the parking garage. Barrett opened the door and they pulled Hart out. He told Bret his brains rattled now, they want an answer by Sunday. They left him propped up against the car they backed up into.

Winners: No contest, match never ended due to NXT invasion backstage.

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